Sieveking Sound Super Premium Inner Sleeves

MSRP €30.00

Experienced record collectors know: If you mean well with your new vinyl purchases, you give them a new inner sleeve before listening to them, in addition to a wash with "L'Art du Son" to keep the LP gently in the clean and lined sleeve.

Sieveking Sound now has its own product with an excellent price-performance ratio. The "Super-Premium-Sleeves" offer double-sided protection with strong paper sandwiched between HDPE (high-density polyethylene) layers. This six-layer combination provides antistatic and scratch-resistant protection for your LPs. Inserting even the tightest record covers is a breeze, and the label cut-out in the paper allows you to identify the correct side of the LP before removing it. See for yourself and give your collection a new look!

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