Side 1

1. Yours Is No Disgrace

Side 2

1. The Clap

2. Starship Trooper

a) Life Seeker

b) Disillusion

c) Wurm

Side 3

1. I've Seen All Good People

a) Your Move

b) All Good People

2. A Venture

Side 4

6. Perpetual Change

Yes - The Yes Album

180g Vinyl, Double LP - AAPA 064-45 - MSRP €85.00
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Even before the smash hit 'Fragile', 1971 saw the release of 'The Yes Album', Yes' first truly commercially successful album. Peaking at number 40 in the US Billboard 200 charts, it eventually led to a contract extension that the band had unwittingly feared. The combination of powerful guitar riffs, heavy bass from the drums, an almost orchestral projection and songs reminiscent of rock opera was as catchy then as it is now.

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