1. Party Out of Bounds

2. Dirty Back Road

3. Runnin' Around

4. Give Me Back My Man

5. Private Idaho

6. Devil in My Car

7. Quiche Lorraine

8. Strobe Light

9. 53 Miles West of Venus

The B-52's - Wild Planet

140g Vinyl, LP - MOFI 1-014 - MSRP €45.00

The B-52s' second album was released in 1980, and if anyone claims that the band never regained the sound and significance of their first album, they are only partially correct. On Wild Planet, the B-52s may not have been quite as experimental, but they had learned to handle their instruments a little better and dared to try faster songs. The result is another great mood LP with absolutely danceable party sound and crazy ideas.

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Silver Label

Under the product name Silver Label, MFSL has been releasing a new series of LPs since early 2011. These are remastered and cut at Mobile Fidelity on the mastering chain designed by Tim de Paravicini and pressed on 140g vinyl at RTI in Los Angeles. The packaging meets the same high standards as the well-known Original Master Recording series with a lined rice paper inner sleeve, a protective intermediate sleeve and a sequential serial number on the outer cover. Mobile Fidelity is planning a series of experimental releases as well and is willing to make do with a copy of the master tape in this series if the original tape cannot be provided. All LPs will be released as limited editions and are likely to become sought-after collector's items.