Supreme³ Diamant-Sicherungen

In the hi-fi industry, people have been experimenting with the effect of crystals on current-carrying conductors for many years. In addition to various do-it-yourself projects, for example with tourmaline granules, there are various suppliers who offer dummy plugs filled with quartz crystals for equipment tuning. Other people have been describing the sonically beneficial effect of rock crystal on tube amplifiers since the early days of high-fidelity. It is claimed that the spatial proximity of crystals has an effect on the conductivity of metals, but no clear documentation can be found on this.

Bernd Ahne of HiFi-Tuning is one of those people who like to try things out for themselves. He has therefore placed a whole series of semi-precious stones and precious stones in mini format on his fine fuses. There, the stone is in the immediate vicinity of a sound-relevant electrical conductor, but does not touch it because it is positioned on the ceramic middle part of the fuse. The result: In his experience, almost all of the test pieces do indeed affect the reproduction in some way. In the end, however, it was a small diamond that convinced Ahne because it gave the feeling of a more open sound space with extended dynamics without causing unwanted side effects in the tonality of the fuse.

The more extensive experiments with very small diamonds then showed that (unfortunately) a gem with a high degree of purity has a better effect than a less pure one, even if the latter is larger. Ahne also found that the further away the stone was from the electrical conductor, the larger it had to be to have an effect. These findings led to the Supreme³ diamond fuses. They are now set with brilliant-cut diamonds for purely pragmatic reasons: These are available in large quantities to the jewellery industry and are graded according to purity.

HiFi-Tuning offers the following variants of the diamond fuse as custom-made products:

Fine fuse Supreme³, 5 x 20 mm, silver/gold
Diameter diamond: 1mm

Fine-wire fuse US-Supreme³, 6.3 x 32 mm, silver/gold
Diameter diamond: 1.3 mm

Automatic fuse Supreme³, 10.3 x 38 mm
Diameter diamond: 2 mm

Supreme³ fuse holder
Diameter diamond: 3 mm

All prices can be found in our UVP price list. UVP-Preisliste.

Each diamond fuse is individually modified by HiFi-Tuning in Berlin. Basically, all fuse values are also available in the diamond version. Since they are only produced after receipt of order, extended delivery times are to be expected.

If a fuse has actually done its job and protected your unit from overload, you can have your dealer send it in to the German distributor and you will receive a corresponding replacement diamond fuse at half the RRP.