1. I Am Missing You

2. Kahān Gayelavā Shyām Saloné

3. Supané Mé Āyé Preetam Sainyā

4. I Am Missing You (Reprise)

5. Jaya Jagadish Haré

Dream, Nightmare & Dawn (Music for a Ballet):


Festivity & Joy

Love-Dance Ecstasy

Lust (Rāga Chandrakauns)

Dispute & Violence

Disillusionment & Frustration

Despair & Sorrow (Rāga Marwā)


Peace & Hope (Rāga Bhatiyār)

Ravi Shankar - Shankar Family and Friends

180g Vinyl, LP - MFSL 1-522 - MSRP €60.00

Shankar Family & Friends, produced by George Harrison, is an almost forgotten masterpiece - an emotional and sonic pact in which two like-minded souls miraculously unite musical styles, cultures and sounds.

Indian sitar player and composer Shankar and the Beatles guitarist first met in 1966, about a year after Harrison became interested in Indian music. Harrison's great admiration for Shankar and his serious approach to eastern styles is reflected in the album, which combines bhajan, Indian, jazz, funk and pop. With a host of distinguished guests including Ringo Starr, Billy Preston and Indian virtuosos such as Alla Rakha and Ashish Khan, the result is an inspiring work that blurs the boundaries between contemporary and traditional, Western and Eastern music.

Limited to 3,000 copies.

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