1. Illegal Smile

2. Spanish Pipedream

3. Hello In There

4. Sam Stone

5. Paradise

6. Pretty Good

7. Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore

8. Far From Me

9. Angel From Montogomery

10. Quiet Man

11. Donald And Lydia

12. Six O' Clock News

13. Flashback Blues

John Prine - John Prine

Hybrid-SACD - CAPA 004 SA - MSRP €49.00

Country/folk musician John Prine is renowned for his songwriting talent, which is down-to-earth, profound yet humorous. The young postman with the guitar and the creaky voice, who made his debut in 1971, struck a chord with listeners and won several Grammys during his career.

When Prine died in 2020, he left behind songs such as "Angels From Montgomery", "Sam Stone" and "Hello In There", which live on in the annals of country music and have been adopted by many artists. As part of the "Atlantic 75" series, this title is being given a new audiophile stage. Remastered by Ryan K. Smith.

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