1. Wanted

2. Sonic Wonderland

3. Polaris

4. Go Go

5. Up

6. Reminiscence feat. Oli Rockberger

7. Trial and Error

8. Utopia

9. Bonus Stage

10. Reminiscence

Hiromi Uehara - Sonicwonderland

SHM Single Layer SACD - UCGO - 9060 - MSRP €49.00
"SonicWonderland" is an exciting sound adventure. Pianist Hiromi Uehara, known as Hiromi for short, has long been a big name in her native Japan, and since winning a Grammy in 2011, she has also been celebrated internationally. Hiromi is an inspiring synthesiser artist who harmonises beautifully with the young talents of Hadrien Feraud (bass), Gene Coye (drums) and Adam O'Farrill (trumpet). An innovative album full of deep grooves that crosses the borders between jazz, classical and pop.

This title is an SHM SACD. This format is the further development of the single-layer SACD and uses a particularly light-transparent plastic (Super High Material). It allows a much better readability of the pit-land structures on the surface than is possible with hybrid SACDs. Universal's SHM SACDs are generally re-digitized to DSD from the albums' master tapes without any changes. SHM SACDs can be played on any SACD player. Please do not use L'Art du Son or alcohol-based cleaning agents. - Please note: All titles are designed by Universal Music as limited edition collector's items for the Japanese market.