Side 1

1. Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me

2. Pitter Panther Patter

3. Things Ain't What They Used To Be

4. Sophisticated Lady

5. See See Rider

Side 2

Fragmented Suite for Piano and Bass

1. First Movement

2. Second Movement

3. Third Movement

4. Fourth Movement

Duke Ellington & Ray Brown - This One's For Blanton

180g Vinyl, LP - AAPJ 154 - MSRP €58.00
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Eponymous bassist Jimmy Blanton died in 1942, aged just 23, but left a lasting mark on the music world. While playing with Duke Ellington, he liberated the double bass from its traditional role as an accompaniment instrument. Ray Brown, Blanton's student in his younger years, continued his work and, together with Oscar Pettiford, developed the bass as a solo instrument; their work had a significant influence on bebop as it developed into a mature style.

On 'This One's For Blanton', Ellington and Brown revive this legacy, their playing recalling the famous duets of Ellington and Blanton and showcasing Brown's creativity and virtuosity. In addition to the four-part 'Fragmented Suite for Piano and Bass', the duo plays five standards, including 'Pitter Panther Patter' from the Blanton era and three other pieces associated with Ellington.

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