1. Valley Of The Shadows

2. In The Garden

3. Soulero

4. Night On Bald Mountain

5. Feel Like Making Love

6. Nautilus

Bob James Trio - One

Hybrid Multichannel SACD - EVSA-569 S - MSRP €33.00

Jazz funk at its best! The second album from jazz keyboardist and former Fourplay member Bob James features lush, experimental tracks, including "Nautilus", which has been sampled hundreds of times (especially in hip-hop).

"In The Garden" and "Night on Bald Mountain" are arrangements of two very different pieces of classical music - fascinating for anyone who appreciates complex arrangements played with funky, jazzy and consummate musicality. In "Soulero", subtle sounds and rhythms overlap in a bolero style.

Recorded at the legendary Van Gelder Studios and with the strong backing of Steve Gadd and Idris Muhammad on drums, Grover Washington on saxophone and Gary King on bass, this is an important album for the early genre of 'smooth jazz'.

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Bob James Trio - One

Hybrid Multichannel SACD - EVSA-569 S