Side 1

1. Even The Nights Are Better

2. Just As I Am

3. Every Woman in the World

4. Here I Am

5. Chances

Side 2

6. Two Less Lonely People

7. The One That You Love

8. Lost in Love

9. Sweet Dreams

Side 3

1. Two Less Lonely People

2. The One That You Love

3. Lost in Love

4. Sweet Dreams

Side 4

5. Making Love Out Of Nothing At All

6. Goodbye

7. All Out Of Love

Air Supply – Live in Hong Kong

180g Vinyl, Double LP + Blu-ray - EVLP-042O GBLS - MSRP €109.00

This concert contains the essential Air Supply songs that fans know and love: "Lost In Love", "All Out Of Love", "Goodbye" and more. "Live in Hong Kong captures the magic of the band's performance in Hong Kong in 2013 on two gold and black 180-gram vinyl discs. The numbered edition is limited to 500 copies and was released to celebrate Record Store Day in Hong Kong.

The album captures the magic, power, energy and romance of a classic Air Supply performance. This exclusive release includes the full concert on Blu-ray.

We recommend the use of "L'Art du Son" LP cleaner to wet wash your vinyl. Even new records of high quality production will benefit from this.